LUMIFY tearpads of coupons for your patients

Receive an Informational
Coupon Tearpad
for Your Patients

Call 1-855-54BL-OTC (1-855-542-5682) to get a tearpad of 25 pages of couponsfor your patients looking to purchase LUMIFY at national retailers.

Coupon tearpads are onlyreimbursable at a retail store.

LUMIFY eye drops samples

order lumify samples

Show your patients the LUMIFY difference by using a sample duringa chair demonstration or providethem with a trial-size sample.
Call 1-855-54BL-OTC

LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops information

To sell LUMIFY®redness reliever eyedrops in your office

Call 1-800-828-9030 to set upan account. Fill out the supplied application.

Receive a complimentary display unit with your first order (display unit ships separatley, does not include product). 7.5mL size available;1 case minimum. Suggested Retail Price: $25.99

ready-to-use promotional materials

Already selling LUMIFY in your office? Let your patients know. Click below to download ready-to-use images and videos.

download now

2mb .zip file

for your patients
We’ve provided a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to use LUMIFY.
Smiling woman with beautiful brown eyes hold Lumify eye drop bottle video for your patient
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