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Stefanie Fritz


Meet Stefanie Fritz

Stefanie Fritz is a professional makeup artist with over 20 years in the beauty industry.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Stefanie Fritz and I live in Sonoma County, CA. I am a professional makeup artist with over 20 years in the beauty industry. I do a lot of makeup for photography sessions and specialize in natural glam. Makeup and skincare can be really overwhelming. I try to make it easy to understand, so you can do it at home. I often share tutorials on my social media channels (@stefaniefritzmakeupartistry, @stefaniefritzmakeup). I also share a lot of advice for the over 40 crowd, as I turned 42 this year. I am married to my best friend of 20 years, and we have 2 boys. I love to work out, cook, shop, spend time outdoors and visit with friends and family.

What kind of look do you usually love to rock?

For clothing you can usually catch me in casual sandals, denim cutoffs and a graphic t-shirt. My makeup takes me 10 minutes or less.

What’s your self-care routine?

To me, self-care is about putting yourself first. I think as a mom, we often tend to the needs of our family first and then we come last. I believe you cannot pour from an empty cup. I purposefully wake up 2 hours earlier than my family every day. I use this time myself to get things done that I wouldn’t normally have time for, and I get my workout in. This puts me in a better mood, so I can show up as my best self for everyone else throughout the day.

What was your reaction the first time you used LUMIFY?

I was blown away! Within minutes, the drops reduced redness to help my eyes look well rested. It works so quickly and I love quick gratification!

What’s your favorite thing about using LUMIFY?

It is so simple to use and can give a HUGE boost to the way your eyes look. I don’t often get the restful sleep I so desperately want and that can cause occasional red eyes. When I am on camera or working with clients, I use LUMIFY to reduce redness to help my eyes look brighter and more awake. I also encourage all of my clients who have photoshoots to use the drops when their eyes are red, to help them look photo ready.

How did you get into fashion/beauty blogging?

I have always loved makeup but wasn’t very good at it. In college, I got a job for a top cosmetic brand and fell in love with the company. I learned so much about makeup artistry, skin, customer service, business, etc. in my 13 years with them. I decided to quit my job to stay at home with my babies. I was so grateful to be with them, but I missed makeup. I began to freelance for myself. That was 6 years ago, and it has blown up! I do over 40 weddings a year. After years of doing the mother of the bride and groom, I realized how much there is a need for advice for beauty over 40. Our skin changes and what used to look good, may not anymore without an update. That’s where I come in. I share all my tried-and-true tips to help enhance your natural beauty. Less is more!

What’s your number one bit of self-care advice for followers?

Take at least 15 minutes every day doing something that brings you joy!

Why do you recommend LUMIFY?

It is a game changer for me. I love to recommend products that I use myself. The eyes are a huge focus of many of my makeup looks. That’s why if I notice my clients’ eyes are red, I like to start with LUMIFY drops to reduce redness to help them appear whiter, brighter, and more radiant, further complimenting those looks.


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