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Kristan Serafino


Meet Kristan Serafino

Kristan Serafino was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and currently resides in New York City with her husband and two dogs. She is one of the world’s leading hairstylists, specializing in haircare, skincare and overall image consultation for both men and women.

She earned the title of “Hollywood’s Most Sought-After Groomer” from a top beauty publication in 2018. Starting out, Kristan trained at a prestigious academy in the industry, and it was during this time that she truly developed a passion for haircare, grooming, and make-up which led to Kristan pursuing relationships with Hollywood A-listers, along with celebrities from TV, Broadway, sports, music, and business. Kristan recently became a Brand Ambassador for LUMIFY® redness reliever eye drops.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My curiosity in hair care originated in my mother’s salon at a young age, but I was initially discouraged from getting into the beauty business in favor of my bachelor’s degree and a diverse foundation in business. It was 10 years later, feeling unfulfilled creatively and expressively, when I walked away from the security of a lucrative management position in the garment industry to $6.50 per/hour behind a shampoo bowl.

I was fortunate to train at an amazing academy studying under a brilliant creator, businessman and hairdresser. As an apprentice, I was named a finalist for a prestigious international awards series, which spotlights the most beautiful and artistic editorial hairstyles of the times. This accomplishment introduced me to the highly innovative and resourceful element of the beauty industry.

So, from working as a hairdresser at a salon, I refined my career path to creative hairstyling for photoshoots, to press appearances of A-list clients. The pillars of my career today centers around male celebrities from film, television, business, sports and music, education, and brand ambassadorship.

What kind of look do you usually love to rock?

I follow what I preach to my clients, which is don’t become fixated with any particular look, but embrace change. People may interpret change as dramatic change, but that is not the case. The best change can be subtle. I also recommend not to chase trends, since all trends may not be flattering to your features, physique, or style. Trends can be fun to embrace but be certain to adopt the favorable aspects of a trend.

For me, whether I am cutting a client’s hair, or I am crafting my personal style, it is about lines and symmetry. As an example, today I am wearing jeans, a vintage t-shirt under a fitted blazer, cool sneakers, and my hair is in a tight, high ponytail with a styling paste to keep the hair slick and free of fly-aways. This style accentuates my best features, while being an affordable solution – but who’s to say if this style will be what I will wear in the months to come!

What’s your self-care routine?

I try to make time for some level of physical activity daily. Not only is this good for my physique, but I also find it relaxing mentally. Since I try to do this daily, my workouts range from intense to lame…but what I find important is to just get out there and make it part of your self-care routine.

I’m very big on skin and hair care! I use a toner, moisturizer and sunscreen for my skin, and shampoo, conditioner, and essential oils for my hair. There is no question that caring for your skin and hair pays you dividends throughout the years.

What was your reaction the first time you used LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops?

Overwhelmingly positive! The first time I used LUMIFY eye drops was after a long intercontinental flight for work and my eyes were red and tired-looking. I tried LUMIFY and was amazed by the results. The drops reduced redness to help my eyes look refreshed and more awake within 1 minute. How many products do you know of that provide results that quickly?

What’s your favorite thing about using LUMIFY?

For me, as a celebrity men’s groomer and hairstylist, I like how LUMIFY drops reduce redness to help my clients’ eyes appear noticeably whiter and photo ready each and every time. This is crucial during photo shoots, red carpet events, and press appearances where my clients’ image is on display. When my clients sit in my chair and I notice their eyes are red, I always reach for LUMIFY.


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