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Meet Amanda Champagne Meadows

Amanda is a seasoned TV host, magazine editor and red carpet reporter.

She has become a fixture on basically all Hollywood red carpets interviewing celebrities of the last decade. Covering everything from brand launches to the award shows, when it comes to entertainment news her work can be found in nearly every US based celebrity news publication. On the flip side she’s an action sports enthusiast and has hosted television sports shows and live events. When she’s not at work, she’s living her life happily at home in Venice Beach.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a red carpet reporter and celebrity magazine editor. I get to dress up, go to parties, chat with celebrities and even attend award shows every year. It’s the best job! And when I’m not working, I’m having the greatest time of my life hanging out with my family.

What kind of look do you usually love to rock?

At home in Venice Beach, I’m very boho. I love a big bell bottom, a crop top and wearing my hair curly. When on the red carpet though I’m usually more polished in sky high heels, a gorgeous gown, and a blowout.

What’s your self-care routine?

Since becoming a mom, self-care took on a whole new meaning. It’s all about water! Celebs with glowing skin always told me their secret was hydration, and now I believe them. In my efforts to recreate that pregnancy glow, I’m all about ceramides and vitamin C on my face day and night.

What was your reaction the first time you used LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops?

I’m lucky, my dad is an ophthalmologist, so I got to try LUMIFY eye drops before it became popular and any of my friends knew about it…he promised that I would love the results! And he was right, I was instantly in love with the before and after! LUMIFY is hands down the number one product I recommend for anyone who needs it on or off the red carpet. LUMIFY helps make your eyes look more youthful and more awake (like you got a full 8 hours of sleep – hello my fellow moms!) When I started to spot LUMIFY backstage at awards shows and at celebrity parties I made sure all my red carpet reporter friends knew about it. Now everyone I know loves LUMIFY as much as me!

What’s your favorite thing about using LUMIFY?

The package says it works to reduce redness in 1 minute, but it felt like it worked even faster for me. LUMIFY helps my eyes look brighter, well rested and photo-ready, too – they’re amazing when I have to go on-camera. The LUMIFY bottle is little, but one drop in each eye makes a huge difference when my eyes are red.


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