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Dr. Melissa Toyos, Ophthalmologist and Aesthetic Surgeon

LUMIFY is different. It works by selectively targeting redness, alleviating some of the risks associated with other redness relievers, including rebound redness, and loss of efficacy over time when used as directed.

how do i use lumify?

  • Close up of a Lumify eye drop bottle

    unscrew the cap

    If you wear contacts, make
    sure to take them out.

  • Woman using Lumify eye drops in her eye

    look up and apply

    Tip: The corner of your eye
    may be the most comfortable.

  • woman smiling holding Lumify eye drop bottle

    watch it work!

    Starts working in 1 minute.
    Lasts up to 8 hours.


Check out actual results from real people, no retouching.*

Close up of woman
Close up of woman
Close up of woman
Close up of woman
*Actual results.
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Lumify eye drop bottle package
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